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Singleton NSW

With a population of approx 24,000 Singleton is situated in the heart of the Hunter Valley region in New South Wales. 

Singleton was founded in 1820 by John Howe, making it one of the oldest towns in Australia. Since being founded in 1820, Singleton has had much of its economy based solely on the agriculture industry, it has only been in the last 100 years, since coal has been discovered in the area, that the coal industry has become a part of the Singleton area.

Residents enjoy a carefree lifestyle with a temperate climate and picturesque scenery and countryside. Much of the countryside is still used for agriculture, therefore much of the vast open areas in, and around Singleton are still the way it was when it was founded.

Singleton has a vast array of industries including;

  • Mining Industry
  • Dairy and Cattle Industry 
  • Wine & Olive Production
  • Electricity Generation
  • Australian Defence Force Training
  • Education